The district

The Marche will be amazing! You will be enchanted when you will see the green hills lying on the sea, the vivid colours and scents of this region with nature, traditions and historical monuments, churches and museums. Traditional festivals and spectacles in theaters and open-air boasts are very interesting and various. They take place all over the year and are very considered by the italians.

Porto San Giorgio

PSG Rocca_TiepoloPSG PortoPorto San Giorgio, formerly guarding the coast infested by pirates, developed the functions of the port becoming an active fishing center. Today it is an important seaside resort (with a marina over 1000 berths); it consists of a nucleus with the medieval fortress and modern tree-lined streets, lush gardens and great accommodation facilities.


Fermo Piscine RomaneFermo Piazza del PopoloFermo is the “monumental lounge” of the Marche, an ancient Roman colony, then a castle and university, today the provincial capital of important manufacturing districts.
The Roman pools, the cathedral, the splendid Renaissance square with the sixteenth-century Palazzo dei Priori, the Aquila Theatre narrate the long and noble history of this town.

Torre di Palme

torre-di-palme-2Torre_di_PalmeWonderful medieval village, situated along the Adriatic coast, perched at 120mt above sea level. It kept the medieval plan, combining urban views of incomparable beauty with sweeping views of the sea and surrounding hills.


Moresco PiazzaMorescoIt is among the most beautiful villages in Italy, the microcosm of Moresco withstand the deceit of the time. The medieval castle takes its shape from an ellipse and its position is on the top of the green Aso valley.

Ascoli Piceno

Ascoli Piceno - Caffè MelettiAscoli_PicenoThis city is rich in art, from archeology to contemporary art. Through the wonderful art collections of the town you will discover the past of the area and the people who over the centuries have gone through. There is plenty of antique shops and cafes for a relaxing stroll. Situated near the beautiful village of Ascoli you could easily join the Lombard Castel Trosino, a little village where time stands still in the Middle Ages.


Loreto-Piazza della BasilicaLoretoMarian shrine, a place of worship, prayer and pilgrimage. The History of the Shrine began in sec. XIII (December 10, 1294) with the arrival of the house inhabited by the family of the Virgin Mary in Nazareth. This precious relic was brought to Italy after the fall of the kingdom of the Crusaders in the Holy Land.